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Welcome to The Phoenix Company

About Us

The Phoenix Company was founded on March 10th, 1993...

The Phoenix Company is a well-established advertising company which has concentrated primarily in the area of manpower advertising in leading business and general newspaper magazines. Advertising in general, is one of the core competencies of The Phoenix Company.
Designing and printing are two related areas where The Phoenix Company undertakes assignments. Designing and printing of cards, brochures, in-house magazines and books are among the services offered. 
In recent years, The Phoenix Company has been involved both in designing as well as publishing books. It is planned to expand this activity further.
Arts Management, as a subject includes, among other things, appreciation of art, maintenance and restoration, evaluation, administration of museums and galleries, auction of pieces of art including paintings and also production of paintings and pieces of art. The Phoenix Company intends to enter these various areas in a phased and planned manner. 
Fraterniti is a brand name of The Phoenix Company.  Fraterniti attire covers a wide range. Jackets, theme based t-shirts and a variety of personal accessories are designed specially keeping in mind both contemporary and traditional fashions. The fabric and workmanship are of a high quality and in most cases only limited edition attire is available.
Many artistes have been looking for an avenue to popularise their work. There are also experienced artistes and musicians who have shown interest in albums that can be marketed through The Phoenix Company. The range would cover both vocal and instrumental music of different genres.
With considerable experience spread over a few man years services such as newsletter design, media planning, press releases and artwork for advertisements would be areas where the services of the Company are available. With time this portfolio of services would be enhanced considerably.
Home and personal accessories made by The Phoenix Company have become popular and its ever-expanding range has attracted the attention of customers across the globe. The range also extends to notebooks, personalised gift wrapping and cards. The accessories are available under the brand name of Asli Aesthetics.