Gift cards at The Phoenix Company

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Gift cards at The Phoenix Company

It's a difficult time for everyone. But there are some interesting and simple ways you can help small businesses wade through rough waters. 


Friend's birthday coming up? Or your cousin's bridal shower? Celebrating mom's success at work? Well, it's difficult to head out and shop in the current scenario. So, why not gift your loved ones an online gift card to shop at a local business? These businesses have something unique and new to offer and it's a refreshing change from the usual options. From handcrafted goodies to doodled merchandise, there's something special for everyone.

The Phoenix Company offers gift cards for its online store on :) Give your loved ones the gift of choice at our online store. It's just a click away!


Apart from products, the business may be offering services. It is a wonderful way to get the creative juices going and work on art projects virtually. 

At The Phoenix Company, we offer design services for graphic art and illustration. It could be a save-the-date card or a lovely illustration for your recent blog or even an online campaign you're running to keep your followers engaged! Write to us at with your queries.


If you know a small entrepreneur or a local business that could do with a happy shout-out online, then go ahead! It will put a smile on their face and help them with their reach. A little motivation and positivity hurt no one!

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These are a few simple steps. There are many more interesting ways to help our community and come out stronger. Let's do our bit. And don't forget to be safe and take care!